Our story

The One tailoring is one of the youngest cinematographic and theatrical tailors in Rome, born from the will and passion of the owner Alessandra Cinti.

In the spaces of the tailor shop, iconic clothes that are part of our culture and which tell the story of Italian and international television, theater and film shows are kept with care and awareness.

The love for tailoring is transmitted to her by her mother who, as a seamstress, worked for various theaters and haute couture boutiques.

He graduated as fashion designer at the Armando Diaz professional institute in Rome. He began his professional career in 1983 in the tailoring of Gabriele Mayer, a well-known costume designer and designer of clothes for the show.

In these years Alessandra has enriched her professional knowledge by collaborating with costume designers such as: Anna Anni, Silvia Aymonino, Milena Canonero, Massimo Cantini Parrini, Alessandro Ciammarughi, Zaira De Vincentiis, Gianluca Falaschi, Raimonda Gaetani, Vera Marzot, Antony McDonald, Odette Nicoletti, Carla Teti.

With the experience gained over the years, he decided to give life to the sartoria the One in 2010.